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The Corner Butcher Shop, Beverly MA

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Customer service is our number one priority at The Corner Butcher Shop. Our goal is that everyone is welcomed into our store exactly as if you were being welcomed into our home.

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If you have special needs (allergies, picky eaters, etc.) please ask how we can help you! If you need a special order or a special cut for a recipe, we will do our very best to accommodate you. We truly love talking to our customers because we learn as much from them as they do from us. We are constantly trying to evolve to meet the needs of the community and feedback is always welcomed.

    5 star review  Their marinated sirloin tips are delicious. There are a few different types of marinades and I can never decide which is the best so I mist get a couple of each.

    thumb Elyssa A. Neumann

    5 star review  Always have a great selection of meat. Their burgers and steak tips are phenomenal and their customer service is second to none!

    thumb George Essex

    5 star review  Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary. The $1 hot dogs were delicious. Thank you for welcoming the community to your party.

    thumb Carol-Lee Marshall

    5 star review  Frank and Melinda are truly amazing and always so friendly and attentive. Our family loves coming in to get our meat and even some treats too. All the other staff are always friendly and super helpful. We are so glad we found The Corner Butcher and would even think about shopping anywhere else for meat.

    thumb Rachel Shultz

    5 star review  Parmesan Pepper chicken is awesome. Chinese sausage was also good. We stopped by on a whim a few days ago. We will be back.

    thumb Mark D. Hanson

    positive review  Got a few pounds of steak tips and they were some of the best I’ve ever had.

    thumb Jimmy Christodoulou

    5 star review  It is Friday the day after Thanksgiving, I ordered a Fresh Turkey fro the Corner Butcher Shop. We have always gotten a fresh turkey from either the Farm in Wilmington or another local shop, But This Turkey this year from The Corner Butcher Shop received RAVE REVIEWS from our family this year. If you haven't tried one all I can say is DO IT. The brining was done and the Bird was Juicy and Tender!!!!!!

    thumb Dave Lapointe

    5 star review  The Angry Orchard chicken sausage are outstanding!!!!!

    thumb Rich Sweeney

    positive review  Awesome steak & chicken!!! It’s so delicious and the workers are awesome and polite

    thumb Lisamarie Byrnes

    5 star review  Tonight was my first time in the Corner Butcher Shop and the selection was excellent. The Staff was extremely friendly and helped pick out my selections. I am a real foodie and the steaks have been the best things to hit my grill this summer. I purchased a fillet and two ribeye steaks for tonight's dinner and will be back for more.

    thumb Chris Wilcock

    5 star review  Great gluten free marinated selection. As well as gluten free sides to go with it.

    thumb Diane Shoer

    5 star review  Great, fresh meats, great marinades. AWESOME corn and bean salad! Frozen beef bones and the in-house pig ears are AWESOME doggie treasures!!! Owners are also great, and open to suggestions and ideas, which is great.

    thumb Sarah Haase-Lee

    5 star review  Small shop with a big variety of fresh produce, really fresh. Love it!

    thumb Yun Swanson

    5 star review  I love this place. They have excellent quality food, extremely helpful and nice staff, and the owner is always there for advice in prep and cooking.

    thumb Susan Meaney

    5 star review  Just had the best steak tips EVER from you guys thank you!!!!!! mmmmmm!

    thumb Rob White

    5 star review  I have been searching for a butcher for ethically raised, mainly grass fed meat AND BONES for HALF the price of a health food store I usually went to... Now that I'm making bone broth on the regular, The Corner Butcher is DEFINITELY going to be my bit stop. 😀

    thumb Ashley Brooke Snell

    5 star review  I've been a fan of their steak tips and meat for a while now. Tonight I tried the buffalo chicken sausage and it was easily the best I have ever had. Will continue to go here, easy, fresh, and super friendly.

    thumb Liz Polay-Wettengel

    5 star review  The quality of meats here is fantastic. I have tried all the butcher shops and this place is always the best! Try the Olive’s wings! I won’t buy my steaks anyplace else & I know from experience!

    thumb Chuck Ryan

    5 star review  There are a lot of good butcher shops in this area. But very few great ones. This place falls in the latter. Not only do they have top quality meat products and fantastic local items but their knowledge and passion for food is remarkable.

    thumb Matt Faletra

    5 star review  BEST gourmet burgers in Beverly! Beautiful meats and their incredible homemade sausages are fantastic! Get your naturally organic turkey here... they will brine them for you too!!

    thumb Wendy Jackson

    5 star review  Love this place-,great quality, selection and service!

    thumb Sarah Carrier