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The Corner Butcher Shop, Beverly MA

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Customer service is our number one priority at The Corner Butcher Shop. Our goal is that everyone is welcomed into our store exactly as if you were being welcomed into our home.

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If you have special needs (allergies, picky eaters, etc.) please ask how we can help you! If you need a special order or a special cut for a recipe, we will do our very best to accommodate you. We truly love talking to our customers because we learn as much from them as they do from us. We are constantly trying to evolve to meet the needs of the community and feedback is always welcomed.

I have bought high quality meats fromFrank and his staff for many years, but recently I bought a local turkey (brined by the Shop) and even though it was expensive ($5.99/lb) it was the finest turkey I have been served in 75 years of celebrating Thanksgiving. The white meat was moist and the dark meat was fully cooked. The Corner Butcher Shop sells the finest meat in our area AND my family loves the sausages (mostly gluten free) as well as the Key West Chicken Breast and the House Sirloin Tips. The quality makes the Grillmaster look good every time.
Tim A. Avatar
Tim A.
Always the best meals I’ve made comes from here. Bought Turkey for thanksgiving seriously the best turkey I’ve ever had!! Anytime we have people over the steak tips are to die for! House and Greek are my favs. Also they homemade sausages and marinated chicken are awesome. Tonight I had steak Florentine rolls…so tender and full of flavor. Whenever I receive compliments on a meal it always involves meats from here.
Monique C. Avatar
Monique C.
Frank gave me some advice on how to make really good steak today. I bought 2 pieces of filet mignon, came home, followed his very easy instructions and lo and behold! The husband said it was the best steak he’s had since eating at Morton’s 12 years ago! Thank you so much Frank, you guys are the best!!!
Amber L. Avatar
Amber L.
another great meal in the books.....a fantastic roast. Thank you!
Andrea L. Avatar
Andrea L.
I feel so fortunate to have found such a clean, professional and helpful small business during quarantine. Once you try real butcher meat there’s from The Corner Butcher there’s no going back!
Chelsey W. Avatar
Chelsey W.
If you want personal service when shopping for select meats and accoutrements then The Corner Butcher Shop is for you. The owner and staff are friendly, knowledgeable and fun to work with! Their meats are the best I have found on Boston's North Shore. My husband put his way through college by working in grocery store meat departments including the Hilltop Steak House and he highly recommends this local establishment. 5 Stars! Curbside pick up is safe and contact-free.
Mary B. Avatar
Mary B.
So we just cooked the marinated steak tips in and lime chicken on the grill with the beautifully fresh zucchini and it was better than restaurant quality ... thank you so much see you soon
Deb H. Avatar
Deb H.
I shopped here for the first time and everything I picked up was perfect. The veg were fresh and the pork chop was delicious! Thank you for the curbside pick up!!
Maggie J. Avatar
Maggie J.
We made our first online order and picked it up earlier today. We are SO impressed with the service and the foods we ordered! The minute we drove up someone ran out to find out what our name was for our order. The foods were packaged beautifully, the veggies were so fresh, the potatoes were actually beautiful and the meats looked so delicious. We had the fresh sausages for dinner and they were delicious! We originally ordered because a friend suggested we give it a try, but we will now be regular customers! Thank you Frank Gentile Jr! We love you Frankie and now we love the Corner Butcher Shop too! ❤️
Gemma A. Avatar
Gemma A.
Great place! clean, affordable and delicious offerings!!
Lisa R. Avatar
Lisa R.
We bought a steak for our friend from the corner butcher and she thought it was perfection. All their meats are so good and the staff is so friendly.
Joshua T. Avatar
Joshua T.
Thank you butcher shop best butchers!!!
Rob W. Avatar
Rob W.
Awesome steak & chicken!!! It’s so delicious and the workers are awesome and polite
Lisa M. Avatar
Lisa M.
Great products at fair prices.
Gloria J. Avatar
Gloria J.
The best butcher shop hands down! And not just quality meats, they carry so many great complimentary local products. If you haven’t been here you need to try it.
Linda T. Avatar
Linda T.
The best butcher shop on the North Shore! My faves are the steak tips and the house chicken. Staff really helpful with cooking / grilling tips. Their frozen foods are all locally made products - tried the fig mascarpone ravioli and they were amazing with a little brown butter sauce. Love that we have this awesome shop in our neighborhood!
Gin W. Avatar
Gin W.
I only buy meat from Melinda and Frank. homemade sausage are incredible.
Jamie L. Avatar
Jamie L.
Thank you to the staff at The Corner Butcher Shop! They are all helpful and friendly and the food tastes great! The pig turned out delicious!
Rachel B. Avatar
Rachel B.
Got a few pounds of steak tips and they were some of the best I’ve ever had.
Jimmy C. Avatar
Jimmy C.
Always have a great selection of meat. Their burgers and steak tips are phenomenal and their customer service is second to none!
George E. Avatar
George E.
Never fails, pulled pork sausages are a hidden gem of Beverly, chicken breasts are huge and well marinated and don’t even get me started on the steak tips oh and the customer service is attentive and helpful. Very little to fault, hence the max stars. Can’t wait for grilling season again. Will be back for sure.
Andrew W. Avatar
Andrew W.
The house steak tips are the best around. Also, we ordered 4.5 lbs of corned beef and it was worth every penny. Pretty lean with tons of flavor.
Michael J. Avatar
Michael J.
I have been searching for a butcher for ethically raised, mainly grass fed meat AND BONES for HALF the price of a health food store I usually went to... Now that I'm making bone broth on the regular, The Corner Butcher is DEFINITELY going to be my bit stop. 😀
Ashley B. Avatar
Ashley B.
Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary. The $1 hot dogs were delicious. Thank you for welcoming the community to your party.
Carol-Lee M. Avatar
Carol-Lee M.
Went in today to try them out was greeted with a smile, excellent service. Will come back again!
Alexander B. Avatar
Alexander B.
It is Friday the day after Thanksgiving, I ordered a Fresh Turkey fro the Corner Butcher Shop. We have always gotten a fresh turkey from either the Farm in Wilmington or another local shop, But This Turkey this year from The Corner Butcher Shop received RAVE REVIEWS from our family this year. If you haven't tried one all I can say is DO IT. The brining was done and the Bird was Juicy and Tender!!!!!!
Dave L. Avatar
Dave L.
Parmesan Pepper chicken is awesome. Chinese sausage was also good. We stopped by on a whim a few days ago. We will be back.
Mark D. Avatar
Mark D.
I actually live right across the street from another popular local butchery. It would be so easy to shop there, but after having tried The Corner Butcher Shop when they first opened, I won't go anywhere else now. The quality of their meats combined with their amazing marinades is a combination just too good to ignore. Add in the fact the meat is hormone and steroid free, how can you serve the family anything else! I'm happy to pay a little more to get this kind of quality. We care about what we eat!
Lauren P. Avatar
Lauren P.
There are a lot of good butcher shops in this area. But very few great ones. This place falls in the latter. Not only do they have top quality meat products and fantastic local items but their knowledge and passion for food is remarkable.
Matt F. Avatar
Matt F.
The best butcher shop around, hands down. A wonderful neighborhood feel with friendly and helpful employees. Always fresh and delicious.
Cara M. Avatar
Cara M.
I love this Butcher Shop. Excellent service. Excellent selection of fine quality meats as well as specialty items. Special Orders also. I would not buy meats any where else.
Jackie K. Avatar
Jackie K.
I think this is a great place. Super friendly service from people that seem to truly enjoy what they do. The products are top notch and every time I'm there I look forward to my next visit. Keep up the good work and I may even have a pretty good pic of tonight's future creation from you guys.
Matt S. Avatar
Matt S.
Great gluten free marinated selection. As well as gluten free sides to go with it.
Diane S. Avatar
Diane S.